"Till There Was You" - Terri's Song Of The Day

By 93XRT

Thought this one through for a long time. Since Sunday is Beatle day, and the Fab Four took over our lives on Ed Sullivan on this day in 1964, I thought I'd post the original version of the second song they sang.

With 5 songs on that show, you'd think Paul was the lead singer. Wasn't till the next week that I heard Lennon sing This Boy and the 3rd week he sang Twist And Shout. Wow. But there was some speculation on why the second song they sang in the USA was a cover of a song from a Broadway musical.

Some think that Paul was so dang cute, if he sang a grown up song, he would win over the mothers. When he sang Till There Was You from the Music Man with no sense of irony, he wormed his way into their hearts. It was probably Brian's idea. Genius. The Music Man was written by Meredith Wilson and made its Broadway debut in late 1957. It's coming back to Broadway this fall with Hugh Jackman.

The movie came out in 1962 staring Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. Shirley could sing. She also starred in Oklahoma! and Carousel. And yes. She played Shirley Partridge, the mother of the Partridge Family! Not to be confused with the Cowsills. Or the Brady Bunch. And David Cassidy, who played one of the kids in the Partridge Family, was her step-son. In real life. She had that look and voice and really sold the innocence of the town librarian. Oh yes, it's one big giant cliche. But suspend reality for a few minutes and let yourself get lost in the romance of it all. It won't hurt you.