Halsey Feels the Twitter Heat After Her Hot Take on 'The Umbrella Academy'

"UA fandom coming for me because I had a moment of empathy "

The Umbrella Academy set out to save the world, and it has gained a lot of fans in the process. The latest Neflix hit comes from the mind of My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way, and tells the story of an unlikely family and their quest to prevent the apocalypse. With eight days until the end, they must come together and fight the forces trying to stop them from saving society.

Based on Way's comic, The Umbrella Academy is now sold out of comic shops across the country and is at the center of the conversation for many across Twitter. OG emo kid and next level artist Halsey has even weighed in, offering up some opinions about a space gorilla character named Luther.

While many appreciated her watching, they were not here for her opinion, because Twitter is gonna Twitter. Possible spoilers ahead. 

It's tough to get crossways with a comic community, but if anyone can withstand it, it would be Halsey. The singer also recently revealed that she also uses Twitter to slide in the DMs, like she did with current collaborator and beyond, YUNGBLUD. Check out the video for their latest, "11 Minutes", below.