Foster The People, Tash Sultana, Typhoon

Big Beat Chicago Artist of the Week: The Hushdrops
The Big Beat with Ryan Arnold

This week's Big Beat was the most full Big Beat I can remember! We paid musical tribute to a giant in Chicago's music scene with Big Beat Chicago Artist of the Week The Hushdrops. In addition to that trio, drummer Joe Camarillo played with The Waco Brothers, NRBQ, the wonderful Kelly Hogan and a slew of other groups. I miss him.

Anyhoo, check out the entire playlist below. I always welcome suggestions on what to keep an ear out for so connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. My handle on all three of ‘em is RyanArnoldRocks.

Your pal,
-Ryan A.
Foster The People - "Lamb's Wool"
Django Django - "Glowing In The Dark"
Typhoon - "Empire Builder"
Tash Sultana - "Sweet and Dandy"
Devora - "Not Dead Yet"
Goldpark - "Beautiful Depression"
Middle Kids - "Questions"
*Big Beat Chicago Artist of the Week: The Hushdrops - "The Sweetest Plum"
Baio - "Dead Hand Control"
Beach Bunny - "Good Girls (Don't Get Used)"
TV Priest - "This Island"
Moontower - "Hit The Lights"
The Hold Steady - "Family Farm"
LP - "How Low Can You Go