New Grateful Dead Podcast Investigates Missing Fans

'Dead and Gone' searches for answers to the disappearances of Grateful Dead fans
By 93XRT

Grateful Dead fans: get ready to revisit the band’s long, strange history through a darker lens. The new podcast “Dead and Gone” from Payne Lindsey of “Up and Vanished” and Jake Brennan of “Disgraceland” investigates the murders and disappearances of some of their most dedicated fans, which sits an an alarmingly high number. They note early on that The Dead have no involvement in the cases, and set out to investigate the cases on their own. The podcast does a great job biographizing the band, and harps on the contrast of such tragic crimes that surrounded a community founded on Grateful Dead’s ethos of peace, love and music.

Dead and Gone comes from Tenderfoot TV and Double Elvis and can be heard on most podcast apps. Check out the first episode here.