YUNGLBLUD Explains the Hidden Meanings and Stories Behind “11 Minutes” Lyrics

Get an inside look at his latest hit featuring Halsey and Travis Barker

“With this song I want to make people feel things through my words” YUNGBLUD explains in a new Genius video giving a behind-the-scenes look into his latest song.

“11 Minutes” is a track featuring Halsey and Travis Barker that came together in just about a day flat. With the idea already composed by YUNGBLUD, Halsey knew she wanted in and lent both her talents and her connection to Blink-182’s Travis Barker to make things come together.  

The song gives a look inside a star-crossed relationship. British rocker YUNGBLUD explains it as a look inside everything from societal pressures to put personal success over relationships to the story of two people that were perfect for each other, but just never worked out.

“It tells the story of them breaking up because of the way modern society teaches us being successful or powerful is kind of more important than loving someone else,” he explains of the chorus.

The song and intense music video paint a picture of being so close to perfection, but missing out because of obstacles we’ve put up. Get his full breakdown in the video above.