Rolling Stones Fans Show Us Their Best Mick Jagger Dance Impression

By 93XRT

Mick Jagger's ability to dance around the giant Rolling Stones stage will never cease to amaze. At 75 years old, Jagger has better dance moves than 99% of the world. 

While Stones fans may never be able to match the dancing prowess of Jagger, they can certainly try. That was the task we gave them ahead of The Rolling Stones opening No Filter Tour show at Soldier Field this past Friday night.

It's not easy to be put on the spot and emulate Mick Jagger's dancing, but everyone that participated did a fine job!

Call it a passion, call it part of the job, call it part of his identity, Jagger's dance moves have been immortalized in the rock & roll canon. They've been paid tribute in song with Maroon 5's 2010 hit single "Moves Like Jagger" which undoubtedly turned on a massive amount of listeners to his iconic dancing skills.