Mumford & Sons Interview: Building An Intimate Setting In Large Arenas, Evolving As A Band, And More

By 93XRT

"It makes the show a lot more about the town we're in all of the sudden. It's a communal experience for everyone really, we're just there as the facilitators," Ted Dwane told Terri Hemmert & Marty Lennartz as he made an appearance at the XRT studios alongside bandmate Ben Lovett.

We've been proud to be by Mumford & Sons side during their eleven year journey that's taken them from performing sets in venues like Martyrs all the way to tonight's big show at the United Center. As a reminder, you can listen to a live broadcast of their performance beginning around 8:45 PM over the air or on your RADIO.COM app.

One of the main themes that emerged from our discussion with the duo was the desire to create intimacy within the confines of a large arena. Lovett & Dwane discusses the idea in the video above, but is also reflected in the way Mumford & Sons create music. 

Their latest album Delta is far different than anything Mumford & Sons have released thus far, but still retains that trademark sound fans identify with. With greater freedom in the studio, the band took advantage and let their creativity shine through.

Despite their evolution as a band, the members still share the same sense of camaraderie they had when they first met. Lovett shares with us a fantastic story about the band playing Scrabble recently.


Listen to their full interview below.