Lengthy Chicago hearing on carjacking spike yields many questions, few answers

crime scene tape Photo credit Getty Images

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Chicago aldermen are pressuring police, prosecutors and others to do more to bring down the number of carjackings within the city.

Answers won’t come easy, judging by the discussion from a City Council hearing that lasted several hours.

Even before Police officials and others in the criminal justice system testified at the virtual gathering, Chicago residents like Stacy Miller say they feel scared to step out of their homes because of rampant carjackings, often by minors.

Miller said she won't even drive now. When she takes a rideshare, she says she constantly is on guard.

“My neck is hurting. I’m turning from right to left,” she said.

Sam Royko, son of legendary newspaper columnist Mike Royko, told the Public Safety Committee he’s the owner of a car that was recently hijacked.

Something must be done, he says, and that certainly involves law enforcement. But he adds poverty and the lack of resources in some areas of the city are factors, too.

Eighth Ward Alderman Michelle Harris said police must step up efforts  and prosecutors must hold offenders accountable. She conceded laws treat youthful offenders differently.

It’s a multi-layered problem, like an onion, she said. And everyone must join in peeling it.