Woman names baby in honor of Indiana trooper after he helps deliver child on the side of the road

Malaki Thomas Robertson
Malaki Thomas Robertson, baby born along Indiana roadside Photo credit Indiana State Police, with permission from parents

An Indiana state trooper minding his own business last week in LaPorte County found himself called upon to do something that was not in the job description.

It was just after noon on Friday when Indiana State Trooper Thomas Maymi was parked off the Indiana Toll Road, keeping an eye on traffic.

The driver of a semi-truck stopped and told the officer, “I think my wife’s in labor.”

“When I got up into the semi, I could obviously tell she was in a lot of pain. The dad, I think he was a little nervous but he held it together really well,” Trooper Maymi said.

“Myself, on the inside, I was extremely nervous. But I held it together very well because that’s part of our job — to keep people calm.”

EMS arrived, and the trooper helped delivered the baby with the medical crew.

Indiana State Trooper Thomas Maymi Photo credit Indiana State Police

Later, he visited the mother in the hospital, who wanted to know his first name.

“And I said ‘Thomas. My first name’s Thomas,’” he said.

“And she was like, ‘Well, that’s my son’s name. Malaki Thomas.’ So, that was pretty neat.”

Malaki Thomas Robertson, at 6 pounds, 3 ounces, was said to be doing well.