With stages silent, theater artisans sell crafts

Aurora Paramount
Theater professional Jesse Gaffney Photo credit Theater Arts Craft Sale

CHICAGO (WBBM NEWSRADIO) — Some behind-the-scenes workers at the Paramount Theatre have combined forces to make and sell crafts for the holidays.

"It’s been so hard being away from the theater. I miss it. I miss storytelling," says Jesse Gaffney, who usually works in the prop shop.

Of course, live theater is on hold because of COVID-19. Gaffney is one of the organizers of the Theater Artists Crafts Sale, which runs online until Dec. 13.

"The people who come see our shows might come next year wearing a hat that the same person who made the props that they’re seeing on stage made for them,” Gaffney said.

Among items up for sale are masks, hardwood cutting boards and jewelry.

Gaffney says she usually makes fake food for the theater. Now, she’s making fake food magnets to put on your refrigerator.

“I have a bunch of crocheted hats,” she adds. “I’ve been a lot of crochet while I’ve been sitting at home with my kids and my family."