Why Dave Grohl Feels Like Quitting After Every Foo Fighters Tour

'I’m never doing that again. That’s it'

Dave Grohl expressed exhaustion and feigning interest touring with the Foo Fighters during a Sky Arts documentary that aired Thursday night.

Brian Johnson Meets Dave Grohl, features the Foo Fighters lead man sharing tour stories with AC/DC legend Brian Johnson. Grohl admits, “I’ve been on the road for a year and a half, I come home from tour and say, ‘I’m never doing that again. That’s it. That’s the last time. Never ever again. I’m going to take two years off,’” Dave said.

“And all my friends look at me and say, ‘Bulls***. There’s no way.’”

The former Nirvana drummer assures fans these are passing feelings and “kind of a running joke with everyone in my life.” He also hints at the possibility of new music. “And after a month and a half I’ve got a guitar in my lap and I’m writing songs and I call the guys and say, ‘Let’s make another record.’ Every time,”

Grohl has spent this quarantine concert lull connecting with fans through music challenges. In August, 10-year old drumming prodigy Nandi Bushell posted a cover of "Everlong" and challenged Dave to a drum battle. He responded with a challenge to cover a Them Crooked Vultures song, which she did.

Now, Dave has responded with an original song about Bushell - and his daughters (The Grohlettes) joined him on backing vocals.

"Every superhero needs a theme song," he said. "Here’s one for you! Mad props to The Grohlettes for the background vocals," he captioned on Instagram.

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