Pete Townshend - "I Don't Think Rock Is Quite 'Dead', But It Seems To Be Ailing"

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By 93XRT

Pete Townshend wrote a lengthy blog post on The Who's website today discussing The Who's plans for 2019 as well as recap his favorite music of 2018.

"My favourite new music in 2018 was from Thundercat, Sia, The Internet (that’s the name of the band), Kendrick Lamar, Jaakko Kuusisto (Violin Concerto), The Hillbenders (new album this year). Best guitar music for me came from Gordon Giltrap," Townshend said.

He's also a big fan of trance music and hip hop and rap. Although you likely won't find Townshend at a rave, he likes to listen to trance music "on my drive through the English countryside while I pretend to be on the beach in Ibiza."

As for rock & roll, Townshend thinks it needs some help. He said,

"Not much new heavy rock that woke me up, I’m afraid. It’s pretty hard to beat Billy Idol from any moment in the past 20 years. I don’t think rock is quite ‘dead’, but it seems to be ailing, in the clinic, waiting for a transfusion. Hope I can help."