On This Day: "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" Gets Published

By 93XRT

One of the trademark ballpark experiences is the 7th inning stretch. Whether it's dolled up with celebrities singing it or just a simple audio recording, it's part of the fabric of baseball.

On May 2nd, 1908, the United States Copyright Office received a copy of a song submitted by composer Albert von Tilzer and lyricist Jack Norworth called "Take Me Out To The Ball Game." The song was then published by Von Tilzer's York Music Co.

Oddly enough, the song isn't about baseball. It's about a woman named Katie Casey who is in love with the sport and asks her beau to takke her to a ballgame rather than a show. The Library of Congress notes that the song is second to "Happy Birthday" and "The Star Spangled Banner" as the most easily recognized songs in the US.

In celebration of this special date, we offer you some of the most memorable 7th inning stretch performances in history. Not necessarily the best, but definitely the most memorable.