What Is The Rolling Stones Legacy?

By 93XRT
This is the fifth part of a five part series of conversation with 93XRT's Lin Brehmer & 670 The Score's Dan McNeil leading up to The Rolling Stones June 21st concert at Soldier Field. You can watch the entire series here.

"When you think about The Rolling Stones you talk about a band that has had a lasting indelible impression on American culture and has since they got here in the early to mid 60's. Their music has entertained millions and millions around the world for decades," 670 The Score's Dan McNeil said when asked to define the legacy of the Stones.

It's a difficult question, but one McNeil eloquently answered. 

As fans get ready to pile into Soldier Field to witness the opening show on The Rolling Stones No Filter Tour, Lin Brehmer expanded on McNeil's response to include the long connection to Chicago the band has had.

"Of all the bands that came along in the 1960's that found their musical inspiration from a city in the midwest called Chicago, here's a band that named themselves after a Chicago blues song, here's a band that more than any other band I can think of except for maybe Led Zeppelin has come to Chicago and paid tribute to the band and recorded a song called 2120 S. Michigan Avenue in honor of Chess Studios," Lin said.

"They covered a lot of Chicago blues songs, acknowledged the songs they did because a lot of British bands at the time would say, "this is our song!"" Brehmer added.

Plus, there's always the immortality of Keith Richards adding to the lore of the Stones.