Santa Spectacular - The Most Wonderful Time

View from Santa Spectacular
Photo credit Spiker Helicopters and Lukas Kosslow
By Y108

"It's the most wonderful time of the year-

With the kids jingle belling,And everyone telling you, "Be of good cheer;"It's the most wonderful time of the year.

There'll be much mistletoeing,And hearts will be glowing when love ones are near!

It's the most wonderful time of the year."


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, families gathered 'round hot meals and lit trees, malls filled to the brim with anxious and joyfully anticipating consumers, ice rinks open for the season, houses decked with jingle bells galore, and white tuffs of magical gems sprinkle the roads and tips of trees for the perfect festive garnish- this is Christmas time, and every year the start of it gets earlier and earlier. Nonetheless, when it's time, it's undeniable. A thrill fills the air and excitement rings through the days like school bells for the children. Undeniably, it is certainly the most wonderful time of the year.

Pittsburgh is a place unlike any other, a place where the holiday season is adorned with sports jerseys, spectacular window displays in the storefronts like old-time downtown Macy's and the yinzers come out for unforgettable evenings like Friday. The night brought us the joy of seeing our Pittsburgh community come out for the annual Santa Spectacular.

At Point State Park, the Christmas music cascaded into the air, filling the pocket of festivities with the magical wonder of the holidays. TJ the DJ rocked the night all the way through, while light shows glimmered against the backdrop of the Wyndham Hotel, bringing guests to their windows to look down upon the crowded park with excitement.

Light Show at Santa Spectacular
Light Show at Santa Spectacular
Light Show at Santa Spectacular

Food trucks lined the area, offering all sorts of dangerously delightful, greasy foods and sweet treats, while Pittsburgh Face Painting gave parents something else to have to wipe from their children's faces at the end of the night. Laughter poured from every nook and cranny. Smiles were permanently etched onto the faces of those walking through.

Food Trucks at Santa Spectacular
Face Painting at Santa Spectacular

Vendors sold bedazzled boots and gloves and sports paraphernalia designed to help you (in true Pittsburgh fashion), sport your favorite team while remaining warm with beanie hats and scarves. Roasted almonds, Lovely Day princesses, luxury cars and ice sculptures all awaited the attention of the eager Pittsburghers. 

Old Saint Nick stilled himself between his two elves at the Santa Tent to jovially invite the young ones to take pictures and tell them their wishes for the season. Glowsticks passed out by 100.7 Star dangled from the neck of hundreds as they moved from the Point to the Park to Market Square. Salvation Army not only dawned their santa hats and rang their jingle bells for donations, but they also passed out pizza, coffee and hot chocolate to the park goers in efforts to keep everyone warm, gleeful and comfortable.

Santa at Santa Spectacular

Fort Pitt Museum opened its doors to allow free entry on the first level until 9 pm, and a party thrown by Star, Y108, KDKA Radio and 93.7 The Fan rang out on the 2nd floor for those 21 and older trying to enjoy the holidays and find an alternative to "staying warm." 

The four radio stations hosted the night, each of your favorite personalities joining Santa to address the crowd throughout the evening as they moved towards the big moment of raising their flashlights to the sky for the Santa Sleigh picture that would be taken from a helicopter - the first event of its kind during Santa Spectacular. Phones filling the park lifted at 7:40 pm, each one a representation of the love and thrill of each Pittsburgher for the holiday season.

New traditions met old ones as the night continued and inched closer to the highly anticipated fireworks. The sparks burst through the air, and like moths to a flame or wonder-filled children to the mystical glow of new discovery - droves of Pittsburghers moved towards the Point to gaze at the skyline of the North Shore. Cameras came out and children were placed on shoulders. There was a stillness that filled the atmosphere despite the amount of activity- a moment of peace, gratitude and contentment.

Fireworks at Santa Spectacular

This is the holiday season; a medley of moments and memories, smells and sights, tastes and trips, families, friends and fun that sing out like your favorite Christmas tune and karaoke through your life in the familiar comfort of nostalgic times past.  Peace, gratitude and contentment; these are the substance of it all - the most wonderful time of the year.