Get A Look Inside Gabby Barrett's Wedding!

Gabby Barrett at Pirates Game
Photo credit © Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
By Y108
In case you missed it, Pittsburgh's favorite American Idol, Gabby Barret, IS A MARRIED WOMAN!!

Yinzers have followed her through her journey on the show, through her engagement to fellow contestant Cade Foehner, and now as she married the love of her life!!

We were given just one, single teaser photo after her big day:

She looks STUNNING. BUT CLEARLY, that was not enough!

If you've been itching to see more, good news! Gabby posted a full VIDEO of photos for us to creep on!!


This day looked PERFECT!

And while I hope it was everything and more for the new Mr. & Mrs., I couldn't help but notice one MAJOR thing was missing...


Girl, I know your wedding was in Texas, but you gotta take AT LEAST that Pittsburgh tradition with you?!?!

Hopefully they had it and we're just not seeing the pictures of it yet?! Otherwise, TOTAL missed opportunity!

Still though, congratulations to the Foehner's! Here's to years of love and happiness!!