1Thing: Individual Reams Of 100% Recycled Paper At Discount Available For Purchase Through PRC

Photo credit: PRC
By Y108

The Pennsylvania Resources Council (PRC) will expand the Recycled Paper Coop to allow shoppers the chance to purchase individual reams of 100% recycled paper at smaller quantities at 30% savings.

The Recycled Paper Coop was launched in the spring of 2020 to help local businesses and nonprofits purchase paper at significant savings.

Starting in mid-July, 100% recycled content paper will be available for sale at Construction Junction (214 N. Lexington St., Pittsburgh/Point Breeze)

Each ton of 100% recycled content paper purchased from the coop preserves 24 trees, conserves 7,000 gallons of water, and supports local jobs, industry sources report.

“PRC is dedicated to building circular economies for Pennsylvania, and this new program is a direct example of that commitment. The paper sold through the Recycled Paper Coop is 100% recycled and 100% local,” according to PRC Environmental Program Coordinator Stacy Albin.  “PRC’s Paper Coop purchases large volumes of 20-pound white office paper directly from a Pennsylvania paper mill and then passes on the savings to coop members and others interested in maximizing resources and minimizing waste.”

“Purchasing a ream of 100% recycled paper at Construction Junction at $9 per ream results in saving more than 30% over office supply store prices for the same product,” she explained. 

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