Dierks Bentley Performs New Song On Instagram

We haven't heard a lot from Dierks Bentley recently, but now he is giving us a taste of NEW MUSIC!

Dierks sat down with a cup of coffee Tuesday on Instagram and decided to share an acoustic version of the new song "Tell 'Em Right Now"!

Of course, our friend Hardy had something to do with it, being one of the writers on the song.

Talk about the perfect song for the difficult time we're going through, with the lyrics being, "Tell 'em right now, call 'em right up, put your pride down, show a little love. Put it on paper, sing it in a song, 'cause one day they're here and the next day they're gone.. It could be 'I love you,' it could be 'I miss you,' it could be 'I'm sorry for the way that I did you'. Don't wait 'till you're standing at the grave just wishing you could tell 'em how you feel somehow.. Tell 'em right now."