Watch: Ryan Reynolds And Tom Hanks Give Virtual Commencement Speeches

Ryan Reynolds
Photo credit (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
By Y98 St. Louis

Ryan Reynolds delivered a virtual commencement speech for Kitsilano Secondary School's class of 2020.  That's a school in Vancouver that Ryan went to back in the day.  His speech was funny, but he also encouraged the students to practice, quote, "some form of compassion every day." 

And Tom Hanks surprised the graduating class of Wright State University with a supportive video message.  He said, quote, "You are the chosen ones because of a fate unimagined when you began your Wright State adventures.  "You started in the olden times, in a world back before the Great Pandemic of 2020, but your 'after' [the pandemic> is not going to look the same as your 'during' and your 'before.'"