12 Strays of Christmas with Julie Tristan

12 Strays of Christmas
12 Strays of Christmas

In the case you did not know, the Y98 mid-day host Julie Tristan is a HUGE animal lover and advocate. She currently has 6 rescue dogs that she cares for and still finds time to support those other animals that are up for adoption. Weekdays, between December 7th – 22nd, Julie Tristan will highlight a different animal up for adoption at a local St. Louis rescue group looking for a forever home during her 12 Strays of Christmas campaign presented by Carol House Furniture and Carol House Quick Fix Pet Clinic and a special thanks to Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue and Treats Unleashed!

Check out all of our featured adoptable pets!

Voodoo from CARE STL

DECEMBER 7TH: Voodoo is an adorable black pup with handsome brown eyes! This cutie loves everyone in the world! He is very people friendly, dog friendly and very playful! When he's not playing he loves to cuddle! He's known at the shelter as "very affectionate". I can see him snuggling up to you on the couch watching Hallmark movies while you drink hot cocoa! Voodoo would do well as the only dog or with sisters and brothers! Find out more about Voodoo at CARE STL www.icarestl.org

Hamilton from CARE STL

DECEMBER 8TH: Hamilton, named after the uber successful musical of the same name and he would've been an actor if he had his choice! This brown and white cutie has lots of energy so would make a great exercise partner! He loves people and other dogs but he's not a big fan of playtime. He'd love a dog brother or sister that doesn't play much either. He can live with other dogs but he'd rather just hang out & enjoy each other's company. Hamilton loves affection from other people and is older but he still has lots of energy and love to give! Find out more about Hamilton at iCareSTL.org

Samba from The Feral Companion

DECEMBER 9TH: Samba is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Samba is a 6 year old black and brown furbaby that loves to lounge on the couch and play outside! I hear her favorite movie is ELF and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation! She likes cats & dogs and prefers a fenced in yard. Samba is a little shy with people so would prefer an adult home and someone who can be patient with her as she gets to know you! Samba has been working on leash walking and is starting to get the hang of it! You can find out more about Samba at The Feral Companion! www.TheFeralCompanion.org

Albert from Five Acres Animal Shelter

DECEMBER 10TH: Oh frosted faces how I LOVE thee!! Meet Albert! He was brought to Five Acres Animal Shelter's Randolph location because he was not getting along with the other dog in the household. Then he got adopted and was returned again because his owner went into the hospital. BUT he's ready for his forever home that can keep him forever! He would love to be the only dog and will give you so much love and affection! He's about 8 years young and has lots of fun energy! He loves to run and jump! Albert promises to keep your yard safe of any squirrels that might try to enter so he probably needs a higher fence or supervision outside so he doesn't get carried away chasing squirrels! He is a great dog who will love you forever! Find out more about Albert at Five Acres Animal Shelter https://www.fiveacresanimalshelter.org

Melanie from Five Acres Animal Shelter

DECEMBER 11TH: Melanie is an AMAZING dog who absolutely loves every single person she meets! She is a Mastiff mix who is about 4 years young! She is one of the cuddliest dogs you will ever have the pleasure of meeting as she will crawl into your lap without you even asking! She is a bit picky with other dogs but Five Acres Animal Shelter can help you find out if your pup would be a good fit. Right now this love bug is about 60lbs. She is an absolute gem who just needs someone to take her home for Christmas! Find out more about Melanie at https://www.fiveacresanimalshelter.org

Tessa from Needy Paws

DECEMBER 14TH: Meet Tessa! Tessa has adorable white socks to go with her gorgeous black fur. She's a 6 year old pit mix who is around 45lbs. She is potty trained & crate trained. She does bark for a little while when you put her in her kennel so an apartment wouldn't be good for her. She is dog selective and has not been cat tested just yet! She would do well with a calm, submissive dog. She is very friendly when she meets new people. She knows basic commands and is pretty calm. You can find out about this beauty at Needy Paws! Adopters must live within an hour’s drive of St. Louis, MO. https://www.needypaws.org

Ivy from Needy Paws

DECEMBER 15TH: Ivy is a cute brindle and white pit bull who is about 4 years old. She weighs 55-60lbs. She is a super sweet girl who loves attention. She lived in a home with another dog for about a year but he wasn't her favorite so she is dog selective but would probably do best being your only dog. Ivy loves spending time outdoors but is also happy cuddling on the couch watching all the new movies on HBO Max! Her favorite treat is ice cubes! She's potty trained and crate trained and knows basic commands! She would love a home with a fenced in yard! Find out about Ivy at Needy Paws https://www.needypaws.org

Cassandra from Stray Rescue
Cassandra from Stray Rescue

DECEMBER 16TH: The 2 photos above are of Cassandra from Stray Rescue! Cassandra is a sweet angel and snuggle bug to the max! She lives in a foster home while she awaits her forever home! She loves going on walks and does some major zoomies in the backyard! She would be great with a moderately active family who would help burn off her energy. She currently lives with a cat and her foster family says she tries to play with and chase her but in a nice way. She doesn't seem to mind other dogs when she sees them. She is initially a bit uncomfortable around men and would need some time to warm up to them. But it usually only takes a few days. She would do better in a family that includes a woman! She doesn't mind being in a crate when the family isn't home and to sleep. She is about 90% potty trained. Find out more about Cassandra at Stray Rescue! https://www.strayrescue.org/cassandra ​

Wobbles from Stray Rescue
Wobbles from Stray Rescue

DECEMBER 17TH: Did your heart just melt looking at Wobbles? Mine too! Wobbles is a special needs puppy who is so sweet! He's currently in a foster home and they say he's the best! His name is Wobbles because he's a bit uncoordinated and falls a lot but he always gets back up! He loves playing with toys, running in the leaves, playing outside, hopping when he's excited and napping! He needs a family that will understand that he needs some help at times and who will keep him safe. If he goes outside, no steps would be a plus. If you would like to learn more about Wobbles please fill out an application and Stray Rescue can discuss his needs:

TP from GPG
TP from GPG

DECEMBER 18TH: Of course we have to include at least one cat in our 12 Strays of Christmas! This is TP! This cutie has been a foster with the Gateway Pet Guardians the longest! She has been with them since April. She had a litter of kittens and they were all adopted but she's still waiting for her turn! Find out more about TP at www.GatewayPets.org

Alfred from GPG
Albert from Gateway Pet Guardians

DECEMBER 21ST: It's another frosted face! My FAVE! Meet Alfred from the Gateway Pet Guardians. Alfred has been with GPG since August. He was found as a stray and then they found his owners who said they also found him as a stray but couldn't keep him any longer. This sweet 10 year old man deserves a home where he can live out the rest of his days and feel the love and loyalty he's ready to give you! Find out more about Alfred at www.GatewayPets.org

Luke from Yuppy Puppy

DECEMBER 22ND: Luke is a German Shepherd who is 2 years old. He needed some manners and boundaries so he got that thanks to Yuppy Puppy! He would be good for an active family & someone who knows the breed. He does great with dogs his size and play style! He's potty trained and knows basic commands. You can find out more about Luke at Yuppy Puppies Forever Rescue https://yuppypuppyspa.com/yp-rescues/