The Cutest Three-Letter Names For Babies

Here are some very cute three-letter names for babies and their meanings.
Baby Names
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If you are looking for a short but sweet name for your baby boy or girl, has a new list of CUTE three-lettered baby names... And what they mean.

Here's their Top 10...

10. Kim

Often short for Kimberly, this name has roots in Vietnamese, Scandinavian, and English. It means ‘meadow.’

9. Dan

This Hebrew name means ‘God is my judge.’

8. Wyn

This Welsh name means ‘fair’ or ‘blessed.’

7. Val

Considered a diminutive of Valentina and Valerie, this name means ‘battle heroine.’

6. Pax

This Latin name means ‘peace.’

5. Lea

This name translates to mean ‘weary or meadow.’ It’s considered a variation of Lee.

4. Oli

This name is a play on Oliver or Olivia, meaning ‘olive tree.’

3. Viv

Often shorthand for Vivienne, this name means ‘life.’

2. Zac

This name is typically short for Zachariah or Zachary, meaning ‘the Lord has remembered.’

1. Cam

This unisex name is shorthand for Cameron, meaning 'crooked nose.'