Incredible Teacher Donates Kidney to 12-Year-Old

Back-to-school is starting off with an incredible gift from one teacher to his student. Georgia sixth-grader Kaden Koebcke is getting a kidney from his technology teacher, William Wilkinson. Kaden needed a donation from a living donor and after putting out the word on Facebook, his teacher just happened to be a match.

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10-Year-Old Awaiting Heart Transplant Performs 'KiKi Challenge'

A girl awaiting a heart transplant at Lurie Children’s Hospital has recorded a video that’s getting a lot of attention, but she really hopes just one special person sees it. "Hi, my name is Sophia, I am 10-years old and I am about to turn 11. My birthday is this weekend and I LOVE your music," said Sophia Sanchez, in a video addressed to rapper Drake. 

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